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“Anytime you make the work public, set the bar high, and are transparent about the steps to make a high-quality product, kids will deliver.” - Ron Berger

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Once upon a time (like in March), there was a school that closed in order to help protect its community from potential sickness.  It’s students, teachers, and families missed the experience that school provided.  In a continued effort to build community they all came together to fill roles they’d never filled before.  This is Our story.  Parents became teachers, teachers became chefs, virtual hosts, and educational Imagineers, and students became creators and explorers of this new way of looking at school.  It’s not easy but it is rewarding.  New relationships have formed, old ones made stronger and the world looks a little different - or a lot different.  The moments we realize we may have taken for granted, like talking in person, hugging and comforting those in need, celebrating birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries have been replaced with drive-by parades, cards mailed to friends, and virtual hangouts.  In the midst of this new reality we still learn, our teachers still teach and our students are still forging new ideas, new experiences, and building new connections to the world around them. Let’s join together to tell our stories of how we built character, overcame challenges, and forged authentic community.

Did the “IDK” (I Don’t Know) Monster steal all your ideas?...Try these ideation generators!

  • Have you learned to cook something new?  You could be part of our VT cookbook!
  • Has Corny’s Corner taught you something new you wish to talk about?
  • Have you helped or been given an opportunity to make a difference for someone?
  • What are you passionate about? Have you found a new interest?
  • Have you made any new family traditions that are worth sharing with others?
  • Have you flexed your empathy muscle?  How has it grown?
  • What is your most memorable experience this year?  Why was it memorable?

You’ve got your idea but now how can you communicate your story to others?empathy

Poetry, Cooking, Art, Dance, Theater, Demonstration,  Building, Crafting, Singing, Experimenting, Creating, Drawing, Performing,

Web site, Storytelling, Reading, Teaching, and YES... We all Forge.  What’s your communication superpower?


You are getting closer...don’t get stumped by hard questions…define

  • What steps did you complete to make/create this work? 
  • What are some things you learned about along the way? 
  • What were the challenges/obstacles you came across? 
  • What was your favorite part of this learning experience? 
  • Who helped you along the way and how did they help you?

Avoid “THE YIKES!” (“Yikes...My background”, “Yikes I not prepared”)


Don’t forget to practice and get some warm and cool feedback prior to your presentation time.  Iterations are important to telling your ideatestory well.  Ask friends, classmates, and parents for feedback on your presentation...How did you rock it and how might you improve? 


Check your background, Can everyone see you? Is there anything there that is distracting?

Presentation Format

You can pre-record your presentation on a phone, share it on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or create a web page with Google Sites, Wix, or other website builders.  You can tell your story live in a Google Hangout, Facetime or other media(with parents' permission of course). Older students should already have a Google site setup as their Portfolio (SHIELD SITE) which they can post photos, videos and other media to share.

You have ideas and your story is worth telling!  Let’s get to telling it!


Invite others (family, friends, colleagues, community, leaders, bosses, etc) to view your video, partake in your Facebook feed, YouTube video, or google hangout or visit with you in person (6’ apart of course).  .

Feedback is what makes a story great(er)...Great Ideas happen together!


Record your presentation whether you do it by recording your screen, video it on your phone, take chat comments, use a google form or use good old fashioned paper and pencil record your thoughts, your audience's feedback (Q&A)  and reflect on your hard work.  You never know your next iteration could change the world!

Share your content with The Village.
Sharing your story with the Village helps us build our collective story.  We want to share it with more people and continue to inspire others to tell their stories of learning and creativity with others.

You can submit your story here.

Additionally, you can find the link on your grade level website as well as post it to your own social media with the hashtag  #OURVTSTORY

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