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First Day of School Photos
Good news! Your First Day of School Photos can be found here!
We will continue with an asynchronous approach to learning. That means students will have flexibility in their days; however, there will be a daily schedule for all grade levels where students will have multiple opportunities for live interaction with their teachers. 
Our first LIVE Town Hall happened, and was full of information and answers to some frequently asked questions. That can be found here:



Q: When does school start?

A: School starts online August 24, 2020. We plan to add the option for in-person learning on September 21. Online only schooling may be extended for a longer period, however.


Q: What time will school begin?

A: PK- 5th - 8:00 to 4:30 PM

     6th - 12th - 8:15 to 4:45 PM


Q: What is the capacity of the classroom/school for on campus learning?

A: In order to maintain smaller class ratios, approximately half of our student body (600 students).


Q: Will masks be provided?

A: VT is working to provide one reusable, washable mask, but any additional masks will needed to be provided by the student, parent or guardian.


Q: Will the students’ temperature be taken upon arrival?

A: No, students will self assess prior to arriving on campus.


Q: Will in-person students be rotating classes?

A: No,  the plan is for students to remain in their classrooms.


Q: Will the students be eating lunch in their classrooms?

A: Yes, students will eat in their classrooms.


Q: Will food be provided to the online students?

A: No, breakfast and lunch will not be provided to online only students.


Q: Will technology be provided to students?

A: Yes, technology is being provided through a checkout system.


Q: Will the students have individual desks instead of table seating?

A: Some desks will be available, thanks to a generous donation. However, we will continue to primarily use our tables.


Q: Is there a school supply list? And do online only students need those supplies?

A: A supply list can be found on our website, villagetechschools.org, under the “Parent Resources” tab. The supply list contains all the materials the students will use throughout the school year, regardless of in-person or online schooling.


Q: Are our students assigned teachers? And what hours are those teachers available?

A: Teachers will reach out to their students prior to the first day of school, and share their schedule through their class website.


Q: Will my student still receive their special services?

A: Yes, students will be provided with their services.


Q: Will there be assignments that need to be printed out?

A: No, this will be online instruction. You are always encouraged to print out and display great work though, if you choose.


Q: How much daily time are the learning assignments expected to take?

A: TEA has set the following guidelines for asynchronous, online instruction:

Full day PreK - 180 instructional minutes

K-5th Grade - 180 instructional minutes

6th-12th Grade - 240 instructional minutes


Q: Will there be flexibility on completing work each day?

A: Yes, there will be flexibility within each day, but per TEA guidelines, students are expected to submit work by 11:59 PM each day. Students are not able to complete the entire week in a single day.


Q: Some Fridays are marked PD on the academic calendar, what does that mean for students?

A: With the exception of a few key days, marked on the calendar, students do not have school on Friday. Days marked PD are professional development days for staff.


Q: Will there be PE and Recess/Brain Breaks?

A: Yes, there will be PE and recess.


Q: If a vaccine to COVID-19 becomes available, will students, staff and teachers be required to get the vaccine?

A: Village Tech will not, and cannot determine this as a school. Those guidelines will be set by the state.


Q: What is the parent commitment level in regards to time and involvement?

A: The online school experience will continue to be a partnership for all of us. The Aga and independence of the child will be a factor, but even within regular schooling, parent involvement is sometimes necessary.

Q: Will there be any 1-1 instructive time, or small groups?

A: There will be both for students.


Q: What does grading look like during this?

A: Grading will be more aligned with the traditional grading system this year.


Q: Will there be sports or theater? If so, can remote students participate?

A: At this point, all extracurricular activities have been suspended until January, when we will reevaluate the situation. If we are able to safely participate, students who attend VT remotely will be allowed to participate.


Q: Can a student join in-person schooling after they’ve selected the online option?

A: Yes, however, they will need to wait until the 9 week mark to begin in-person schooling. They can switch from in-person to online at any time though.


Q: How is VT communicating with parents?

A: Teachers should be reaching out to parents and students, and you are always free to email them with any questions you may have. Any campus wide information is being sent through email. If you think you are not receiving these emails, please double check your spam folder and make sure your email and contact information is correct in Skyward. Emails are sent through that system, to all parents/guardians. Additionally, updates are posted on to our website at villagetechschools.org, on our Facebook page, and our Twitter.