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Recent Challenges

Forge On: Built FORGE Tough (2018)


Pre-K through High School students presented their innovative FORGED solutions to real-world challenges. At Forge On our students share their educational journey, technical skills, prototype designs, professional products, and big ideas.



"What a Waste"


1st Grade

"Tinkering for a Cause"


2nd Grade

"Serve Local"


3rd Grade

"Spark Park"


4th Grade

"I am Texas!"


5th Grade

"Helping Hearts of Service"


6th Grade

"Beauty in the Beast"


7th Grade



8th Grade

"Beauty & the Beast"


9th Grade



10th Grade



 11th Grade



12th Grade



Forge On: The Forge Awakens (2016)
10th Grade - Bottle Rocket Promo

Partnering with local business Bottle Rocket Studios, 10th grade students directed, filmed, and edited a promotional video that presents the passion and thoughtful heart behind the company and the work they create. After communicating with Bottle Rocket to understand what they were hoping for in this promotional, the students used their skills in storyboarding, professional quality filming and working with a real client to create the above video.


9th Grade - Dallas Zoo

Recognizing their potential to make a real change in the world around them, 9th grade students were challenged by the Dallas Zoo to use their skills and talents to empower their community. This year our 9th graders were commissioned by  Zoo to create art installations to promote awareness of endangered species that encourage the community to take action to promote change.


4th Grade - Upcycle

In the 4th Grade mission of change—a change in ourselves, our school and our community—the students felt compelled to make a change in their community by collecting unwanted or unusable objects and transforming them into something with new beauty and purpose. The 4th Graders collectively joined to re-design and create up-cycled products to sell in a market with all proceeds going towards a good local cause.


5th Grade - Dog Park

Presented with a need for a dog park for local residents, our 5th Graders partnered with the Tri-City Animal Shelter to design a thoughtful, safe, and fun space for dogs and their owners. This process took place through 5th Grade teams focused on collaboration, goals of design, building, website creation, research, and location consideration.