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Prospective VT Teacher,

Thank you for your interest in serving at Village Tech Schools. We are preparing to inspire, motivate, and educate 1200 students in grades PK-12 on our campus at 402 W. Danieldale Rd. in Duncanville.

We are looking for teachers with creativity, drive and heart because every situation requires us to roll up our sleeves, put our heart into it and use a little imagination. Whether you are on a traditional or non-traditional path to the classroom, we want people who will add value to our village through their knowledge and skills. We work hard around here and we see that hard work pay off in the changed lives of students. We value leadership and integrity, growth-minded individuals and people with a fierce commitment to building and encouraging a community of learners (adult and student).

This is not school as usual. We are committed to providing students a school experience where they can learn who they are, learn things that last, and learn they belong. We do this through the 7 habits, design thinking, making and performance assessment. We are not data-driven. We are people-driven and data-informed. We value numbers and stories because behind every number is a person. We are in the business of transforming lives.

If you are interested in being a part of our adventure, please complete the application here. Once that is completed, we will schedule interviews. These interviews look a little different at Village Tech and we will explain more if you have the opportunity to participate. Otherwise, how you perform in the interview process is up to you. Just know that we believe the best thing we can do for students is provide them with great teachers. We are looking for the best and the best fit for VT.

Thank you for your interest in applying.

David Williams