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Support Classrooms is an online resource which makes it easy for anyone to help a Village Tech classroom in need by allowing people and businesses to donate directly to classrooms.


In 5 years our classrooms have been supported in big ways:

  • $15,846 Raised
  • 162 Supporters
  • 30 Projects funded

See how you can support the classrooms at Village Tech. 


Thank you for your interest in supporting Village Tech Schools. By investing in the Village you are supporting our mission to forge students who are character driven, challenge ready and community focused.


These projects have helped to fill our classroom libraries with:

Over 800 books, magazine subscriptions, and classroom book sets


Flexible seating has been donated and offered for students:

Over 47 flexible seats in classrooms


Classroom Supplies:

Over 51 classroom materials and sets


Science and Engineering Kits and Materials funded:

Over 208 supplies, battery and circuit kits, science safety materials, and robotic kits


Find active classroom projects here.