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Our Program

Through Special Program Services, Village Tech provides appropriate educational opportunities for students with disabilities. By individualizing services in accordance with each eligible student's learning needs, students are prepared to pursue life-long learning, foster character and to become contributing members of the community.

In alliance with Village Tech Schools' mission, Special Program Services will:

  • Identify students with disabilities
  • Provide individualized and multi-faceted services
  • Support the development of skills, personal independence, self-determination, self-advocacy, and community participation

The Special Programs is made up of Dyslexia Services, ESL/BE, 504 and Special Education.

Texas Transition and Employment Guide

The Texas Transition and Employment Guide provides youth, young adults, parents and professionals with secondary transition resources to facilitate a young person’s progress towards post-secondary goals to education, employment, and community living. This guide will continually be updated.

For more information contact Robert Johansen, Assistant Superintendent, at rjohansen@villagetechschools.org.

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