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High School Experience

What to expect in High School?


  • Odyssey Program
  • Graphic Design & Engineering (CTE)
  • Dual Credit
  • AP Tests


What is the Odyssey Program?


The High School Odyssey Program prepares our students for the next chapter of their life; filling them with knowledge, insight and tools to equip them for the journey ahead. The goal is to provide three essential elements: business viability (academic), technical feasibility (career and technical) and human desirability (social-emotional).


There are 5 stages:

  • Initiate - Finding students interest (9th grade)
  • Discover - Students research careers, personality and life goals (10th grade)
  • Explore - Students prepare for college and internships (11th grade)
  • Approach - Students plan a capstone challenge (11th grade)
  • Summit - Execute the Approach (12th grade)
Student Led Conference Scoreboard