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VT Experience

We believe students should be given opportunities:
  • to develop their own voice and leadership skills
  • to work on meaningful design challenges that teach both the academic and the technical
  • to be known by their teachers and peers
  • to serve and lead in their local community
We Want Students to Learn
In Order To Develop
We Do This Through

Design Thinking


DT is a set of mindsets for approaching learning and solving problems. Here we identity problems, get inspired, develop ideas, empathize with the situation, and then create a solution.



Elective classes driven by student interest because we value exploring individual passion, purpose, and play. Students of all ages are able to learn and share in interests outside usual subjects.



The Forge is the center of learning where students create products that bring their classroom learning to life. Made up of five sections, the Forge applies students' current areas of study to advance knowledge of the core subject and job readiness.

Off on Friday


Fridays are off-days at VT. This provides planning, development, and collaboration time for teachers as well as gives students opportunities to be involved in community activities.



Leader In Me

We believe in teaching 21st century leadership and life skills while creating a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader.


Lead Alike

Here students are given opportunity to lead on campus through positions of responsibility that allow student ownership at school.

Student-Engaged Assessment


Student-Led Conferences

SLCs are a self-assessment for students allowing parents to hear from their child what they are learning and how they are developing.




VT offers PreAP, AP, and Dual Credit courses within the student curriculum. At VT we give our students opportunities to graduate high school with college credit.

100% Teachers GT/AP Certified


All teachers are required to be Gifted & Talented or Advance Placement Certified by the State of Texas to provide a challenging environment for each individual student.



We believe that learning is done best by doing and experiencing. Here we have found that travel has the incredible power to change students' lives.