Lottery Results

The numbers are listed in the order they were drawn. This does not mean they have been admitted or that there is an opening in that grade level. This list is to check where your child is on the lottery list. An email will go out with your lottery number, you may also call the front office for your lottery number.

If the grade levels they applied for do have openings, emails regarding admittance will be sent out early next week. These emails will provide detailed instructions on the next steps.


How does the lottery work?

If you apply between February 11th and March 11th you are included in the lottery. Names are drawn at random through a lottery process.

If one sibling is admitted, do other siblings get admitted as well?

Siblings only move up during the lottery process. For example: Let's say Village Tech has only 1 opening in 1st grade and 1 opening in 3rd grade. Ann is drawn number 1 in the 1st grade lotto. Ann has a sibling, Bob, who is in 3rd grade. Bob was drawn 9th in the 3rd grade lottery but now moves up to number one in the 3rd grade list because there is an opening. 

My child is on the waiting list, when will I know if he will be accepted?

A student can move up on the waiting list up until the first day of school. We also keep the waiting list through out the school year.