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About VT

We Are Village Tech Schools

Through great teachers working together, we are forging students who are character driven, challenge ready and community focused. Village Tech Schools is a tuition-free, public charter school serving grades PK4-12th.

 Why Village Tech?

Our response to the current need in educations is to provide students with great teachers who work together to cultivate character, design real challenges and establish authentic community.

Instead of investing in assessment systems and curriculum packages, we invest in people. We invest in teachers and students.

We know from research and experience that the quality of teacher in the classroom is the single most important factor for improving student achievement that we can control. Our teachers are valued as professionals and trained in how to develop students’ technical, academic, professional and social-emotional skills. Our students are valued as individuals for their strengths and as leading members of our school community.


We Care About

Students learning who they are.

We want students to develop their own voice, values and passions. Through leadership development, they learn how to first be leaders of their own learning before learning how to lead others. Their leadership development is tracked through their S.H.I.E.L.D Notebook. This reflective journal captures both the process of setting goals and tracking them as well as the beautiful work that results from our students’ efforts.

Students learning things that last.

Learning is active and immersive. We incorporate design thinking as a way for students to understand a problem and develop solutions. We provide time and space for this through our Forge, a MakerSpace and design studio, with areas for digital creation, artistic expression, collaborative design and modern-day woodworking.

Through design challenges, students work with a team to solve problems. This may lead to the creation of a tiny house in response to homelessness, furniture to customize their learning spaces, digital and real life models of our campus to calculate energy consumption, or superhero helmets to identify and celebrate their personal strengths.

Students learning they belong.

By providing smaller classes, our students are in an environment where they are known well by adults and peers. By knowing they have a place in the world, our students build a foundation of social-emotional health and well-being. Also, through service learning, our students give back to the local community.

For our students, this includes raising donations for local food banks or co-designing and building a dog training facility for the local police department. In addition, our students travel to places like China, Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, Hungary and Switzerland for educational tours and to participate in international leadership summits on topics like social responsibility in the global economy, education and innovation, and the future of food.

Students who learn who they are, learn things that last, and learn they belong will be equipped for a hyper-connected, rapidly changing world.

They will have the technical, academic, professional and social-emotional expertise necessary to thrive in the century ahead. As one community member said, “the difference at Village Tech is the light I see in the students’ eyes.” That’s good because we will need them to light our path into the future.