Remind App Making Changes For Verizon Customers

Starting on Monday, January 28, text notifications will be ending for Verizon Wireless customers who use the free Remind service.

Verizon Wireless customers will no longer receive Remind text notifications. To get messages, users will need to turn on smartphone or email notifications instead.

According to the app, to offer our text messaging service free of charge, Remind has always paid for each text that users receive or send. Remind says Verizon is charging the app an additional fee intended for companies that send spam over its network.

An argument that Remind messages aren’t spam has been made, but at this time, hasn’t helped resolve the issue with Verizon. The app says the fee will increase the cost of supporting text messaging to at least 11 times Remind's current cost, forcing them to end free text messaging for students, parents, and educators who have Verizon Wireless as their carrier.

Remind asks those who have a phone plan with Verizon Wireless, make sure you can still receive Remind messages on the app or by email after January 28, then to call Verizon and ask them to reverse the fee.