Homecoming & Red Ribbon Week

Activities for the entire Village are planned for Village Tech's first Homecoming celebration! This year's theme is "There's NO Place Like Home" and will be combined with Red Ribbon Weeks secondary themes each day.
Homecoming Week:
Monday (10/29) - Mum making after school and tying ribbons around campus
Tuesday (10/30) - Karaoke during Lunch
Wednesday (10/31) - Door Decoration for Red Ribbon Week: "Scare Away Drugs"
Thursday (11/1) - Walk out on drugs, Sports Pep Rally, and SR. vs Staff Game from 7:30-9:30pm at the Cedar Hill Rec Center
Friday (11/2) - HS Homecoming Dance (9th-12th) from 8:00-11:00pm
$15 until the end of school day on November 2nd.
Saturday (11/3) - 5th-8th Homecoming Dance from 7:00-10:00pm
$5 until the end of school day on November 2nd.
Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days:
Monday (10/29) - (PK-7) Camo Day: Drugs Cannot Find Me (8-12) Meme Day: Drugs don't "meme" anything to me
Tuesday (10/30) - Throwback: "Drugs are Old School!"
Wednesday (10/31) - Costume Day: "Scare Away Drugs"
Thursday (11/1) - Red Day: "Red Out the Drugs"
Friday (11/2) - VT Spirit Day