Friday Update - 4/2/2021

VT Community,
Please take a moment to watch this week’s weekly update. The link can be found below:
There’s lots going on at VT right now, so make sure to check out some of it below!
  • This year has opened up new opportunities for virtual education for public schools in Texas. As of right now, it is unclear if the state will continue to allow this flexibility for next year. While they are still deciding, we're curious about what choice your family would make. Please take a moment to fill out this survey here.

  • Shogun Squids will be hosting a Game Night for grades 7th-12th Thursday April 15th, @5:00-8:00 PM. Video games, tournament arrangements for popular titles such as Smash Bros Ultimate and Call of Duty, music, and more. $10 per entrant. Please consider inviting your VT friends. Masks and body temperature will be examined by staff at the door.

    To RSVP go here

    Additional information will be available on our website

  • The Pay It Forward Senior Summit Group is working on a food pantry, and need your help. Check out their attached flyer.

  • The Evergreen Senior Summit Group still have a few slots available for their weight loss challenge. As an added bonus, a special challenger has entered the competition...Mr. Arista. Check out the challenge video at the link here. The Weight Loss Challenge Sign Up form is here: Helpful workout videos here: