Field Day

Village Tech Schools hosted Field Day on Tuesday for the first time ever. 
The day featured several events and activities for students, from sack races to relays, and face painting to bubbles. Students from all grades participated, the younger students in their grade specific matching shirts, to the older ones volunteering their time and energy to run events. The full day event took months worth of planning, led by a group of 10th Graders.

Rylee Wooley, Asharia Nickson, BryAnna Hammock, Jada Leonard, Kaya Mathews, and Kennedy Carthen are all part of the Field Day Team. Throughout the year, the team met countlessly to iterate, develop, and create the field day our students were able to experience. The team spent much of the semester fundraising and working towards Field Day, and Village Tech is appreciative for all of the work they have put in.